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Idaho’s Economic Forecast

According to a recent economic forum hosted by TitleOne that I attended, the forecast for Idaho is looking good. Idaho has experienced a significant increase in its median income rankings, jumping from 45th place in 2012 to 26th in 2021. This is due, in part, to the growing number of affluent individuals migrating to the state who hold higher paid jobs. As a result, these individuals are able to stimulate business and income to the communities in which they move to.


Idaho has also emerged as the fastest-growing state this decade and the 2nd fastest in the last decade. Idaho continues to lead the nation in employment growth, with the Boise MSA seeing an annual employment growth rate of 3.4% compared to just 0.5% nationally. Of those migrating to Idaho, 67% are from CA, and 74% of these individual are under the age of 50.


However, there is one concern that was highlighted by the economist who spoke at the forum. Over 50% of the counties in Idaho have a higher death rate than births, which means that the state may continue to experience a shortage of workers. Despite this, the economic forecast for Idaho is looking very positive.


Tony A Drost, Associate Broker

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