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Boise Investment Properties

Welcome to Boise Investment Properties

We are invested.  We are not only invested in our client’s success, but we are also invested in the Boise rental market.  That’s right, we are real estate investors too.

 Boise Investment Properties is a team with Swope Investment Properties that specializes in the purchase and sale of income properties; such as duplexes, triplexes, four plexes, and small apartments. Swope Investment Properties is the #1 Residential Income Property brokerage in Boise. Home sales agents with the big brokerages don’t have the technical and financial expertise to sell investment properties.

Let us show you the tools needed to help buy the right investment property or how to maximize the sales price of your rental.

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It's no secret, Boise and the surounding Treasure Valley are primed to become the next major hub in the Northwest. The time to invest is NOW.

You don’t have to struggle with uncertainties about the market.
Work with a team the knows the local conditions and can match your your vision for the future with the properties you need.

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Boise Investment Properties Blog
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Considering Refinancing you Investment Property?


When financing an investment property with five units or more, the investor looks to commeciail lenders.  For those of you with rental properties with 4 units or less, such a fourplex or duplex, you will obtain a residential loan.  Here is what is happening in the commercial lending world.


For the past 12 months, T Bond Yields have been at historic lows.  How low you may ask…so low that T Bond Yields had never seen such low yields for the entire 230 year history of US T Bond yields.


In 1791 under Secretary Hamilton, the US assumed the Revolutionary War debt of the Colonies and confederation of States.  To pay the debt the US issued Treasury bonds at a yield of 3%.  

In the ensuing 230 years the T Bond Yield was never as low as we’ve seen in the past year.  


The Good News: On Tuesday (2/16/21) the 10 Yr T Bond Yield was at 1.30%. &nbs...


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